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After making homemade (WHOLE WHEAT!) tagliatelle last night, we have to agree …

Italy in Washington! Tagliatelle bolognese. #homemade #pasta


Grilling season has officially descended upon the mid-Atlantic region and whilst visiting family in Roanoke, Virginia this weekend, we celebrated properly — with a delicious pork tenderloin! We also took the opportunity to try out a 'Chups marinade recipe that Matt had been creating in his head and it certainly did not disappoint.

Serve this pork with some grilled veggies and a side salad and you’ve got an easy and fairly light summer meal. Until you eat 3 of these cookies for dessert. 

Once again, a terrorist act has only assisted in confirming human resolve. One act of hate produces countless acts of selflessness, courage and community. The faces of bravery will be the images we remember, the stories of love and hope what we tell our children’s children.

So, to that we say … nice try, haters.

Is meat on your next menu? If so, use this handy pairing guide to help you choose the best flavor of ‘Chups to serve with your meal. 

But as always, be adventurous! Use this as a guide and not as a rule.

We love sports at ‘Chups. Pride, glory, team building … they represent many things we value in business and in life. (And hey, a sport is what brought us together!)

This week, it’s all about America’s pastime: baseball! And what is synonymous with baseball? HOT DOGS! And what ‘dog is complete without America’s favorite condiment? KETCHUP.

This season, we’re encouraging you to try something new with your frank. Throw a sample size ‘Chups jar in your pocket or purse (we recommend cherry or plum) and bring it to the ballpark with you!

So, for the next week, we’ll be offering FREE SHIPPING on all sample size orders. If you already know your favorite flavors and want to customize your sample pack to 1 or 2 (or even 3!) specific flavors, we are more than happy to do that for you. Just place an order and shoot us a note at

Use promo code PLAYBALL to get your free shipping (field to insert code appears after filling out shipping information) and then take ‘Chups out to the ballgame! 


This was a fun week. 

Highly recommend following this blog — featuring the awesomely creative special boards from Vinnie’s pizzeria in Brooklyn.


Is it time yet??

Basket full of love!

We know where we stand this week and always.

We know where we stand this week and always.

We’re making the most of DC’s latest weather mood swing and offering free shipping on all sample size orders made before 8pm tonight. It may not seem like it, but grilling out weather is just around the corner — which means lots of burgers and ‘dogs will be waiting for their newest condiment friend, ‘Chups! 

Place your order right now on the website using promo code SPRINGSNOW. (Enter the code after entering shipping address information).